Achamma the great

I am very much thankful to my dearest achamma, who stayed five days at hospital and given moral support to my amma for the delivery. That shows her real affection and love toward my achan. She was very happy to stay at hospital to give moral support to my achan. I am proud of you achamma for the support given to my achan. I love you achamma.


Ammamma-I am proud of you

I am very much happy with ammamma, who is looking after me and my amma after my birth. During my sleepless night, she is  supporting my amma to take care of me.

I am proud of you, ammamma. You are really a sincere ammamma.  Even though she had many sleepless nights, the next day without having any tiredness and hesitation, she is fully involving her daily activities.

What ever she is doing for me, is coming from the heart and it reflects the sincerity.

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Thiruvaraikkal Amma

അമ്മേ ദേവി മഹാമായേ   ഭക്ത വത്സലെ കുലഭര ദേവതേ

കാരുണ്യ ദായികേ മോക്ഷ പ്രദായിണി

വലം ചുറ്റി പ്രാര്‍ത്ഥിക്കാം സ്രാഷ്ടാംഗം വണങ്ങീടാം

കാത്തു രക്ഷിക്കണം അമ്മേ…   അനുഗ്രഹിക്കേണം

My father lost his mother when he was one and half year old. So his father asked him to consider Thiruvaraikkal amma as his virtual amma. During his every visit to native, he will try his best to reach  and pray at Thiruvaraikkal Temple .  I also wish to  worship Thiruvaraikkal amma.

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If achchachchan is here…..

Can anyone imagine about his happiness on my arrival!!!!

Nobody can  fight against the fate. My father is really feeling bad on achchachchan’s absence in this world.  My father is  about to say that…if his father is in this world…. on my arrival, achchachchan’s face would be filled with the sincere happiness, affection and love….

I and my father really miss you muththachcha….

As per my father,  my achchachchan was a great man who dealt people without pointing self gain. For him all are same. he never categorized people based on caste, money or position. The real human being with simple life humble thoughts.

He never thought about any public gain. public utilized him for their gain.

If he is here during my entry to this world, how much happy will be my father.

My first Earning Rs.100/-

My first earning after my birth was Rs.100/- from Chandran uncle and Asha Aunty(Sister of my ammamma) of Vadasseri as a blessing gift.

Later I got cash(Rs.100/-) from Vasu Uncle and suma aunty of Karimba. Then I got Rs.101/- from kunjamma of Polimuram.

I wish to keep these earnings for my childhood memories

Today[17-Jan-2010] I  received another cash gift of Rs.100/- from my ammamma’s sister(Pankaja aunty).

The first item bought for me

Parachute Coconut Oil bottle was the first item purchased for me by my beloved father. I wish to keep this bottle for my childhood memories

I lost the Umbilical cord

Today(12-Jan-2010)  I lost my Umbilical cord. It was really annoying me while I was moving my legs and hands.