Irupaththi Ettu – The first Birthday

My first birthday performed at my mother’s home on 3rd Feb 2010 (28th day after my birth), as this is the first time my janma nakshatram (birth star) repeats according to the Malayalam calendar.  Sona cheriyamma’s birthday was also celebrated on the same day. Belated Happy birthday Sona cheriyamma.

During the ceremony, charadu (thread), one in black cotton and the other a chain in gold were inter wined and tied around my waist by my father. This thread is called ‘Aranjanam’. My eyes were lined with kanmashi by my mother. A black spot was placed on my left cheek, asymmetrically on the right eye side of forehead, to ward off the evil eyes. A mixture of ghee (melted and clarified butter), Vayambu, honey was given to me by mother as a base for its various foods in the future. After that Along with my parents, ammamma and achamma, I went to do the karma called Karnna Vedha


Karnavedha or the practice of wearing earrings is one of the Hindu Sanskars (sacraments) performed for a child. Karnavedha is a Vedic rite of passage. Common between males and females, it is intended to open the inner ears of the child for receiving sacred sounds. This rite has deep mystical and symbolic significance. It is believed that merely hearing sacred sounds has merit in that it cleanses sin and nurtures the spirit.

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