My Choroon and Thulabharam -19_06_2010


The initiation of my life into adulthood has begun with Lord Guruvayurappan’s blessings! I fed rice to for the first time at Guruvayoorappan  Temple, Guruvayoor on 19th Jun 2010 between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM.

We reached at Guruvayoor day before the choroon day. We stayed at Elite Hotel , which is near to Kizhakke nada.

choroon Images


Thulabharam means a type of prayer where one actually donates / offers the weight equavivalent of the devotee in material goods.Several types of thulabharam are done, specific to what exactly the reason could be. Materials which are offered in Thulabharam are Raw Rice, Jaggery, Sugar Candy (Kalkandu), Coconut, Yam, Banana’s, coins etc.

For me, the thulabaram is done with Kadalipazham which was the prayer of my ammamma.
Thulabharam Images :


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