My first Earning Rs.100/-

My first earning after my birth was Rs.100/- from Chandran uncle and Asha Aunty(Sister of my ammamma) of Vadasseri as a blessing gift.

Later I got cash(Rs.100/-) from Vasu Uncle and suma aunty of Karimba. Then I got Rs.101/- from kunjamma of Polimuram.

I wish to keep these earnings for my childhood memories

Today[17-Jan-2010] I  received another cash gift of Rs.100/- from my ammamma’s sister(Pankaja aunty).


The first item bought for me

Parachute Coconut Oil bottle was the first item purchased for me by my beloved father. I wish to keep this bottle for my childhood memories

I lost the Umbilical cord

Today(12-Jan-2010)  I lost my Umbilical cord. It was really annoying me while I was moving my legs and hands.

My existence to the world

I am very much thankful to all who supported my parents for my birth especially my ammamma, achamma, muthassan, Biju valiyamma, Vijaya valiyachchan , Sumavaliyamma, Hari valiyachchan, Jayasree valiyamma and Sruthi valiyamma. Also thanks to Dr.Ramadevi who cared my amma for my existance to this world. Thanks to all the nurses of Welcare hospital who have cared my amma to my birth. Last but not least thanks to the beloved Umma(Muslim woman) servant of Welcare hospital who prayed to Allah for the easy delivery.

Birth Details

DOB : 07-01-2010

Time : 9:27 AM

Place : Palakkad Welcare Hospital


Father :Babumohan Vadakkepat

Mother: P.R.  Sneha Mohan

Star : Aththam

SOOTHIKA SNANA-My first Bath at my mother’s home

My first bath was on 10th Jan 2010. My beloved Sruthy valiyamma supported me to take the first bath. Thanks a lot to sruthy valiyamma.