Hernia surgery – First surgery on my Body

During the last week of Aug’10 my amma, observed small swelling on my abdomen area. As we were planned to visit to native during that time, we fixed the appointment with Dr.Sankaranarayanan, pediatrician, Palakkad; to know more about this swelling.On Sept 2nd we consulted Dr. Sankaranarayanan and he confirmed swelling is nothing but Hernia. So he informed us that, it is better to have the surgery as there is no medicine to cure it. So as per his advice we consulted Dr.Lakshmi Devi(MCh pediatric surgeon) of Palana Hospital. The same day, we consulted Dr. Lakshmi Devi and fixed the surgery date for 4th Sept 2010.
I admitted the hospital on 3rd sept, and the surgery happened on 4th sept. The surgery went off fine even though I scared and cried a lot.


Amma’s Grandmother expired :-( 28-Sept -2010

On 28-Sept -2010,I was with my parents at Chennai, my achchan got the sad news from native that, my amma’s grandmother left from all of us. My amma lost the control and was crying a lot. But achchan tried to console her, but she was urged to reach home at the earliest to see her grand mother.So finally my father booked the flight tickets to Coimbatore, to travel on next day early  morning. It was really a great loss to me. Nobody can defense Gods decision. So whatever GOD decided, we have to accept it.

My amma’s grandmother was very nice grandmother. During some nights, whenever I was crying, she was really taking care me by singing a song


ആദിത്യനുണ്ണി  ഭഗവാനെപ്പോലെയാണ്

ആയുസ്സുമുണ്ടായി അഴകോടെ വാഴേണം

അച്ഛനാരംഭം  അമ്മയ്ക്കു പോന്നാണ്

മുത്തശ്ശിയമ്മയുടെ   ഒമാനക്കുട്ടനാണ്

പെറ്റന്നാളു മുതല്‍ ആറാമാസ്സത്തില്‍

ഇട്ടപ്പെരാണ് ആദിത്യനുനണ്ണിന്നു



Thank you very much Grand ma......Missing you a lot......

My Choroon and Thulabharam -19_06_2010


The initiation of my life into adulthood has begun with Lord Guruvayurappan’s blessings! I fed rice to for the first time at Guruvayoorappan  Temple, Guruvayoor on 19th Jun 2010 between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM.

We reached at Guruvayoor day before the choroon day. We stayed at Elite Hotel , which is near to Kizhakke nada.

choroon Images


Thulabharam means a type of prayer where one actually donates / offers the weight equavivalent of the devotee in material goods.Several types of thulabharam are done, specific to what exactly the reason could be. Materials which are offered in Thulabharam are Raw Rice, Jaggery, Sugar Candy (Kalkandu), Coconut, Yam, Banana’s, coins etc.

For me, the thulabaram is done with Kadalipazham which was the prayer of my ammamma.
Thulabharam Images :

Kavizhal – first day

Kavizhal – first day

I started my Body action -Kavizhal- independently, on the day May 14th 2010.I actually turned around and lied down on my tummy for a few minutes.

Yeah... I did it.....

Irupaththi Ettu – The first Birthday

My first birthday performed at my mother’s home on 3rd Feb 2010 (28th day after my birth), as this is the first time my janma nakshatram (birth star) repeats according to the Malayalam calendar.  Sona cheriyamma’s birthday was also celebrated on the same day. Belated Happy birthday Sona cheriyamma.

During the ceremony, charadu (thread), one in black cotton and the other a chain in gold were inter wined and tied around my waist by my father. This thread is called ‘Aranjanam’. My eyes were lined with kanmashi by my mother. A black spot was placed on my left cheek, asymmetrically on the right eye side of forehead, to ward off the evil eyes. A mixture of ghee (melted and clarified butter), Vayambu, honey was given to me by mother as a base for its various foods in the future. After that Along with my parents, ammamma and achamma, I went to do the karma called Karnna Vedha


Karnavedha or the practice of wearing earrings is one of the Hindu Sanskars (sacraments) performed for a child. Karnavedha is a Vedic rite of passage. Common between males and females, it is intended to open the inner ears of the child for receiving sacred sounds. This rite has deep mystical and symbolic significance. It is believed that merely hearing sacred sounds has merit in that it cleanses sin and nurtures the spirit.

Click here for 28th day ceremony Images

Achamma the great

I am very much thankful to my dearest achamma, who stayed five days at hospital and given moral support to my amma for the delivery. That shows her real affection and love toward my achan. She was very happy to stay at hospital to give moral support to my achan. I am proud of you achamma for the support given to my achan. I love you achamma.

Ammamma-I am proud of you

I am very much happy with ammamma, who is looking after me and my amma after my birth. During my sleepless night, she is  supporting my amma to take care of me.

I am proud of you, ammamma. You are really a sincere ammamma.  Even though she had many sleepless nights, the next day without having any tiredness and hesitation, she is fully involving her daily activities.

What ever she is doing for me, is coming from the heart and it reflects the sincerity.

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